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Certificate attestation marks the official process and verifies that every document is in its truest form. The person who needs attestation must prove that his document is genuine and accurate. The authorized person’s document needs a signature or stamp from the authorities. The certificate attestation is needed for almost all companies.

Blue Link Services can help you authenticate and legalize your Indian document so that it gets accepted. However, the rules of attestation process differ with types of documents like educational, commercial, and so on.

Attestation Procedure Rules for Qatar :

* Notary Attestation from India (Home country)

* Foreign Affairs Attestation from India (Home Country)

* Embassy Attestation.

* Ministry Of Foreign Affairs from Qatar

What are the documents Required for Qatar Attestation ??

There are multiple requirements of attestation that can come up in your day to day life. If you wish to fly to Qatar or any another country for work, job or business, you need attestation from the officials of Qatar. The type of attestation can always vary based on what you need but the requirement is compulsory.

Required Documents for Qatar Attestation : (Indian Educational Certificates) :

* Original Document (Issued From India)

* Final Mark sheet

* Bonafide letter from college or university

* Passport Copy of the candidate

If you want to travel to another country, you need visa mandatory. Visa is only approved by officials who verify your document. Thus, attestation of documents is compulsory. You might also need a family visa for which you need to attest your marriage certificate.

Types of Attestation

Primarily there are three kinds of attestation:

1. State Attestation

You need state attestation before you get MEA attestation. Based on the type of your certificate you need state attestation. For example, if you need to attest educational certificate, it has to be done by the State Education Department. If you need to attest personal certificate, you need attestation from the General Administration Department on the concerned state. After this you need an attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs.

2. MEA Attestation or Apostille

MEA attestation is possible only after attestation is done from appropriate state authorities.

3. Embassy Attestation

The Embassy or Consulate attestation is drafted after the MEA attestation is done.

What is an Apostille?

Apostille is a form of attestation where certificates are legalized in a proper way that it gets through in countries related to Hague Convention. Apostille is a global form of attestation that is accepted by around 92 nations. Most of the western countries accept and acknowledges Apostille attestation. It comes in a form of stamp that is computer generated and shapes as a square. It is attached like a sticker right at the opposite of certificate by MEA, Government of India. Every sticker has a unique ID number and any associate nation under Hague convention can verify its legitimacy online.

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