Family Visiting Visa

Families of sponsored residents in Qatar might want to come to the country for a short visit. They need a Family Visit Visa and it is valid for one month. Relatives who wish to stay over a month, needs to go through a medical check up within the first week of arrival to seek extension. You can extend the visa up to six months. However, it differs according to the relative. Five more months is extended for immediate family members and two months for second-degree relatives.

Visa Application Process :

1. You need to have a valid Qatar ID and passport.

2. You need a photocopy of your visitor’s passport.

3. You need an NOC letter from the sponsor stating your profession and salary etc. Salary must be above QR 5000.

4. You must have a tenancy contract attested by Baladiya.

5.You need a copy of attested marriage contract if you apply visa for spouse.

6. You need a copy of labour contract attested from the Ministry of labour.

7. If your child visits you with your spouse

you have to present his birth certificate.

Things to note when making visa application

  • You need to have Qatar ID before applying for residence visa for family.
  • You need to earn more than or at least QR 5000 to be eligible to sponsor for the family.
  • Your profession must be high in the Qatar ID to be able to sponsor for the family.
  • The application has to be typed out in Arabic.

    You need to leave the copies with the company but you have to present the originals during application. Make sure you bring them along else it will delay the process. Blue Link Services is a government authorized company that helps you go through documentation processes. We can help you acquire your visa in a short-span of time. We also get your documents attested and fill up forms in Arabic. You can rely on us to get the entire process of acquiring a family visiting visa quick and simple.