Family Residence Visa in Qatar

If you have a Work Residence Permit and earn more than QR 10,000 per month, you can apply for a Family Residence Visa. Male children must be under 25 years old, while there is no age limit for daughters until they are married.

The cost of visa for the family members might or might not be covered by the employer. Also, the minimum salary of QR10,000 per month can vary in different circumstances. As per the Qatar Ministry of the Interior, the application approval depends on the type of employment by the sponsor. There are more aspects that come under consideration to serve family residence visa.

Documents you need

1. A completed application Form A letter issued by your employer ensuring your position in the company and monthly salary
2. Six month bank statement prior to application
3. Copy of passports from every family member
4. Copy of your marriage certificate notarised by your country’s embassy in Qatar and then by Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
5. Copy of your children’s birth certificate notarized by your country’s embassy in Qatar and then by Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
6. You also need the copy of your electricity bill for address proof.

Things to note

  • You need to have a Qatar ID before applying for residence visas for family members
  • The monthly salary must be more than QR 10
  • 000 to be able to sponsor for the family
  • You must have a notable profession to be eligible to sponsor the family
  • The application must be filled in Arabic or typed in Arabic
  • You need to submit the copies of the application
  • You have to show the original documents while applying for the application

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